I took an Uber today and was talking with the driver about the pushback from the taxi companies. This got me thinking about how opposed we are as a species to change.

Taxi cabs in the United States have been operating in a fairly similar manner for decades. While the world around them, for the most part, was evolving and embracing technology, they barely took the time to implement any real improvements.

In Saint Louis, if I want a cab, I still have to call them up, wait on hold, talk to some grumpy operator who will put me in the queue but is unable to tell me how long until a cab arrives. Then someone finally shows up, is normally in a bad mood, and at the end they are irritated if I want to use a credit card instead of cash.

How did they think they could continue on this path without competition coming in? Uber came on the scene, doing nothing but offering a better service, yet they are treated by the taxi industry like they are an evil virus.

Contemplating this made me think about the closed-minded meat eaters who have childish reactions when presented with the idea of a veggie burger or faux chicken. I have always been open to change and new ideas, so it is hard for me to stand in their shoes. I wonder why they react this way.

Do they think we are trying to take away their way of life? Do they view it as having to admit what they have been eating all these years is wrong? I don’t really know what goes through their minds.

The disruptive technologies that have surfaced like Uber, Airbnb, and Dropbox are exciting, and food-tech is the next frontier. I hope you will join me and the others in the industry to embrace change and help build a better world.