Our Story

It’s a simple but revolutionary concept, born from a 10-year quest for an idea that could change the world.

I had to admit defeat: I wanted to make the world a better place, but “traditional” volunteering had begun to break me down. Months of cleaning kennels got old; heading charitable events seemed more in line with my talents, but events garnered little funds considering the endless hours we put into them. I was connected to my cause, but wondering if it was truly the best use of my time. Walking away and simply stroking a check for a few years still helped, but left me feeling completely disconnected. That “middle point,” the point between being overwhelmed and under-involved, was out there somewhere. I just had to find it.

Was the problem that few people's skills match volunteer opportunities? Did the idea lie in helping charities embrace the for-profit world as a component of their strategy? Whatever “it” was, it needed to be easy; it needed to leverage the valuable skills people possess and it needed to allow people to help any charity regardless of the skills they had to offer.  I was narrowing in.

Years of brainstorming had gone by and some ideas were in the works when a friend asked me to help with a brochure he needed for a new organization he was starting. I hated to charge him, but he didn't want me to do it for free -- so I suggested instead of paying me that he donate the project fee to a charity we both supported. He loved getting the work he needed done AND helping a charity. I enjoyed donating my most valuable skills. The idea for Voolla was born! 

Voolla provides a revolutionary way to give. It’s a new currency. It takes valuable volunteer skills and turns them into real money for charities. Everyone has a talent. People spend money to hire people with talent. Charities need money. And now Voolla brings them all together.

Join me in volunteering your talents and together we can make the world a better place!


Stephanie Downs
Founder & Chief Volunteer


Meet The Voolla Support Team

Family Violence Law Center TomTod Ideas

Latest Donated Services:

lawrence li
Services provided:  Chiropractor, Dietician, Emotional & Energy Healing, Health & Fitness Training, Holistic Health Coach, Home Care Services, Medical Assistant, Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Psychiatrist, Senior Care

none ...

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Latest Services Needed:

Ahmed Dzramedo

Ahmed Dzramedo
Services needed:  Dentist, Dietician, Event Facilities, Health & Fitness Training, Medical Assistant, Music/Band/DJ/Singer, Nurse, Optician, Senior Care

I am Ghanian who believe i giving than receiving so i gave my time as part of my volunteering work talking to people who can give to strengthen someone. Center for world outreach is a volunteering or ...

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