I am a new-experience junkie, so there are very few vacations I would like to repeat. However, living on a catamaran is definitely something I would do again– ideally over and over. It was an amazing experience that is hard to describe, but I will try.

I did my experience in the Caribbean hopping through the areas of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I went with a girlfriend, Mony, and we had the time of our lives. We had to share a tiny cabin with one double bed, but it was worth it. I would describe it like living in an RV: although the space was small, we were not in it much, and I really admired how creatively they use space on a boat. You don’t realize how much wasted storage space you have in your house until you have unpacked your suitcase in a boat cabin.

We shared the boat with eight other people – three couples and two crew. The crew (captain and skipper) handled everything from captaining the boat to cooking and making sure the coolers were stocked. Our crew, Tess and Shane, were an adorable couple from South Africa that grew up sailing and decided to spend a few years traveling the world captaining boats.

We set sail after having lunch on the boat and docked that night in a cove. Mony and I would often just grab some wine and lay on what Mony called the “trampolines” on the front of the catamaran – huge nets across the front that blow up in the air if you get a wave but, when anchored, work like hammocks.

Though the people we shared the boat with were all strangers, we quickly became friends. Some days we snorkeled off the boat or took the dingy to shore to lay on the beach, shop, or grab a meal. It was an amazingly free feeling. It was especially fun to take a nap in the cabin while under sail and come up to see we were in a totally new place, but my favorite was sitting on a little seat on the very front tip of the catamaran to hang over the open water as we sailed.

The company we toured with was Tradewinds Sailing Cruises. They have different levels of boats (standard or luxury) and offer a membership program. I have timeshare ownership and secured it through that program.

If you are looking for an amazing item to add to your bucket list, you can’t beat taking a catamaran trip. It is the memory of a lifetime!