Frequently Asked Questions

Since Voolla is a completely new idea we are sure you will have questions. We have tried to capture the most common questions we receive in this section, but if you can't find an answer to your question just Contact Us.

The General Questions

What does Voolla do?

Voolla connects service providers who want to give back with Customers who need a service performed -- and a portion of the service fee goes to charity. 

Volunteers create profiles to showcase the type of services they can offer. Customers can search Volunteer services using the categories or keywords supplied by the Volunteer. Customers may also post “Services Wanted” in their profiles describing the type of service they are interested in hiring.

Voolla facilitates the transaction between the Customer and the Volunteer, called a Service Request. We collect payment information from the Customer and distribute the funds to the service provider and selected charities. Once a transaction is complete, each party will have the opportunity to rate the other and provide feedback on their public profiles.

Who can be a service provider?

Anyone who is 18 years or older and has a skill people need. Just think about what talents you have. Do you know how to skateboard? Do you know how to play piano? Are you a skilled plastic surgeon? Whether you are a highly trained professional or an amateur, you can donate your valuable expertise and time. When you create a profile, you will specify your level of experience and the rate you want to charge. 

Who are the Customers?

Whether you are an individual who wants some of the money you spend for everyday services—like car repair, dry cleaning, haircuts, etc.-- to go to charity or you are a business that wants to hire a web firm and increase your charitable giving in the process – you can get the work done and make the world a better place.

Does the Service Provider or the Customer pick the charity?

The selection of what charity or charities receive a donation can be done in three different ways:

- All of the cost of the project goes to the charity of the Volunteer's choice 

- All of the cost of the project goes to the charity of the Customer's choice

- Half of the donation goes to the charity of the Volunteer's choice AND half goes to the charity of the Customer's choice

(Note: Voolla takes a 10% transaction fee to cover bank fees and our operational costs.) 

How much does it cost to use Voolla?

Having a profile is FREE! We do not charge any registration or membership fees. Our costs are covered by taking 10% of the project fee. 


Can I be both a Service Provider and a Customer?

Yes. You register one main account and then you can sell your skills and hire people through your account. This way your time and your money are going to help charities!

How do Service Providers and Customers communicate?

Whether you want to be a Service Provider or a Customer, you must register a profile to communicate with others on the site. Once you have registered, you can communicate via our built in email tool.

What happens once the work or service is complete?

Voolla will hold the project fee until both sides have confirmed that the work was completed successfully. Once we receive notice, we will pay the service provider and send a donation to the designated charities within 30 days. You will receive confirmation that the funds were released for your records and the charity or charities will receive a donation on your behalf via Voolla.

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Common Service Provider Questions

How do I create a GREAT profile?

The key to a great profile is utilizing all the available functionality – talk about your applicable experience, upload a picture, link to your web site or LinkedIn page, etc. Be sure to write an introductory paragraph and be honest about your experience. Also, be realistic in setting your price for your services. You want to be competitive!

How can I promote my profile?

People admire people who give back so be sure to brag about what you are doing! Promote your profile as much as you like; showcase it on your Facebook page, Tweet about it, send out emails -- let people know!

How much money should I charge as a Service Provider?

This is something you have to decide. For example, you may know how to snowboard but not be a professional. Wouldn’t it be cool to do what you love and raise money for a charity? You could post a profile stating your experience level and quote $15/hour for lessons. However, if you are Shawn White you could charge $10,000 for a day lesson. You decide what is fair and what people will be willing to pay. You can always go back into your Services and edit the pricing.

Can I search for jobs?

Absolutely! Users post Serviced Needed which you are welcome to search. In order to contact the Customer about the project, you must have an active profile.

Do I get paid for the work I do?

Once the customers confirms the project is complete, Voolla will send a check to both you and the selected charity. The letter to the charity will notify the charity you generously volunteered your time to raise money for them.  

How do I get hired for a project?

There are two ways to get hired – you can post a profile for people/businesses to search and find you, and you can also search the Services Needed posted by Customers.

How will I know payment is received from the Customer so I can start my work?

Once payment is received, you will receive a notice via email. If you are working on a larger project requiring multiple payments, you will receive notice each time a payment is received.

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Common Customer Questions

How do I find the right Service Provider?

To make your decision, you can review various Service Provider profiles -- search our volunteer database using criteria like Category, Location, and review the feedback and ratings listed in the profiles. 

What happens once I find a Service Provider I want to hire?

Hire a Service Provider by clicking "Request this Service" listed below the Service listed in the Service Provider's profile. 

Can I request a proposal from a Service Provider?

If you are hiring Service Providers for projects requiring bids, of course you can! You can also ask multiple Service Providers to submit proposals. Do so by using our search or browse to find the right providers and email them!



How do I publish services I need?

Once you have set up your account, you will be able to post a profile where you can list services you are willing to hire. 

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Project Communications

Can Service Providers and Customers communicate outside of Voolla?

Definitely. We want you to feel comfortable working together, and we trust when you are ready to work together you will do so via Voolla.

Does Voolla monitor project status reports?

Keeping your project on schedule and updating the other party is your responsibility. To ensure a successful project, we recommend discussing a timeline and completion date in advance of engaging in a project. Also, discuss upfront what you expect concerning communication and status updates. If you have concerns about progress or work quality, please contact Voolla immediately for assistance. 

If I complete a project with a customers via Voolla, am I required to do all future projects with that customer through the site?

Although we would love for you to do every project with clients through Voolla, we also want to help the community and bring people together. We appreciate whatever you can do to help charity and your business too!

Who will own the project work?

If you are engaging in a project with sensitive content and proprietary information, it is your responsibility to ask the other party to sign the required documentation to protect yourself.

How are Customers protected to ensure quality services are delivered by Service Providers?

Voolla has a number of safeguards in place that put you in control, keep you safe and make sure you get great results:

- When you work through Voolla, all work is governed by the Engagement Agreement between Service Provider and Customer.

- Service Provider ratings and feedback are public records of client satisfaction. This allows you to review what other Customers have to say about a Service Provider you are considering before you hire them. Knowing that you will also have the opportunity to post your feedback publicly when the job is complete will likely inspire great performance.

- Voolla’s escrow protects both parties by pre-funding the work and releasing payments only when milestones are met and results are approved by you. Voolla’s escrow is backed by Voolla Dispute Assistance in the event a job does not go as planned.

How can I cancel a project?

Once a project is initiated, you can stop the project by opening the proposal and selecting "Withdrawal." Voolla and the other party will be notified so any final details can be determined.

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Payment Questions

How are invoices and receipts handled?

When you confirm a service request with a Service Provider, you will automatically receive a payment screen to pay for the project. A receipt will automatically be emailed to you.

Do I have to pay for the entire project upfront?

If the engagment is less than $2500 it will need to be paid up front. However, Voolla keeps all funds in escrow until completion of any project. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us immediately to begin a dispute resolution.  

What are the payment method options?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card through Voolla's secure system.

When will my check payment be processed?

When your check arrives, it is deposited into Voolla's bank where it is placed on a three-day hold. After the three-day hold is lifted, the funds are credited to the intended account. If there is a delay, Voolla may not have received your check in the mail or the funds are still on hold. Please Contact Voolla for assistance.

What does it cost to pay by check?

The only cost associated with paying by check is a returned check fee. If your check bounces, there is a fee of $35 that will be added to the amount due for the invoice or escrow. Voolla charges this fee to offset the fee charged by the bank.

Does Voolla accept foreign currency?

Not yet! Currently Voolla only accepts payments in U.S. dollars (USD).

Can Service Providers see a Customer's payment information?

No. Only Voolla will maintain this information via secure systems.

Do I have to issue a 1099 form to Voolla or the Service Provider?

You do not. The Service Provider is working through Voolla.

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Leaving Feedback & Ratings

How do I leave Feedback?

We encourage Service Provider and Customers to leave feedback after each engagement. Even though it's voluntary, leaving feedback builds trust and lets other members know about your experience. After you complete a project together you will be given the opporunity to leave feedback.


Can I block feedback I receive?

If you've received negative feedback, we recommend you contact your Service Provider/Customer and work together to resolve the issue. If you reach an agreement, you can Contact Voolla to have the feedback updated.

Can I provide confidential feedback to Voolla that I do not want to post in a review?

Certainly! We realize not all people want to use public channels to express their concerns. If you have a concern, please Contact Us.

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Issue Resolution

How do I contact Voolla for help?

We are here to help! Please complete this form specifying what you need help with, and we will reply to you within 48 hours. 

What if things go wrong?

If you are not satisfied and your Service Provider cannot find a way to meet your expectations, your first step is to Contact Voolla with your concerns.


How do I submit a dispute?

If you have a dispute with your project, contact Voolla immediately via the Contact Us form and select "Report Project Issue" in the form.

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Account Administration

How can I change my username or password?

You can perform these account functions from your My Account page. 

  • After you are logged in, select "Account Settings" in the top right dropdown.
  • Make the desired changes.        
  • Click the "Save" button.
How do I delete my account?
  • From the My Account page, select the "Request to Delete Account" link.        
  • Confirm that you would like to delete your Voolla account. 



How do I modify my contact information?
  • After you are logged in, select "Account Settings" in the top right dropdown.
  • Make the desired changes.        
  • Click the "Save" button.
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