Last week animal lovers around the globe celebrated a special victory. Sea World just announced that they will no longer be breeding Orcas in captivity, and will be phasing out orca performances. This victory has taken countless hours by millions of activists, but it was more than worth it to help save future generations of these amazing creatures from suffering the fate the current generations have to endure.

In the wild, orcas swim nearly 100 miles per day. At amusement parks like Sea World, however, orcas spend the majority of their lives being forced to perform tricks for tourists, or virtually motionless in concrete tanks that are the human equivalent of a bathtub. In the wild they are amazing parents, but in captivity their family bonds are broken when babies are taken from their mothers and sold or transferred to other parks. For these reasons and more, captive orcas live only a fraction of the average life span they could expect in the wild.

Unfortunately, Sea World has not yet agreed to free the poor souls currently enslaved in their “entertainment” business, but there is hope on the horizon.

If you have not seen it, I would highly suggest watching the documentary Blackfish. It is an award-winning piece about Orcas and those fighting for their freedom.

Also, take 2 minutes and Take Action for these amazing animals – click here to make a difference!