As the weather begins to turn cold, I thought of something I took a picture of last year that I was so touched by. I love walking, and one day as I was crossing City Park here in St. Louis, I saw something interesting. It was a blanket on a bench with a note pinned to it. The note said:

“These blankets are not lost! If you are cold, without shelter, or in need of comfort, then these are for you. Please take one, enjoy, and know that YOU are important.”

As I continued across the park, I noticed there were other blankets, and I even saw a coat hanging on a pole with a similar message. I was so touched that someone had done this.


A few days later, I was lucky enough to come across a truck full of blankets and meet the people doing this work. The program is called The Great Saint Louis Cover Up.


I think this is such an amazing idea. It not only provides badly-needed warmth to those in need, but it expresses compassion, and can inspire others like me who come across the blankets.

It is such a simple concept, yet so inspiring. I would like to encourage my readers to consider starting a program like this in your city. It is the kind of program you could start small – pool together some money from friends and buy just 10 blankets. Then grow from there.

To learn more about The Great Saint Louis Cover Up, visit their Facebook Page