Free the Bears now offers the chance for supporters to come and work with the bears at their sanctuary in Cambodia. In exchange for a small fee (all of which goes directly to support the bears) you can now come and help the keepers look after the bears for up to eight weeks (one week minimum stay). Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC) is very large and houses many species.

Volunteers will be working with our groups of rescued Sun bears and Moon bears. They currently house over 130 bears in 24 large outdoor enclosures covering about 8 hectares. The enclosures are very natural and have large rocky outcrops, native fauna, climbing frames and platforms, pools and other enrichments. It is a safe and happy home to bears that have been rescued from a range of different situations including poachers, the black market, the bile farm industry and businesses using them for entertainment, trades which often leave behind very young orphaned cubs.

INCLUDED Shared Accommodations
Laundry Washing
Food to make breakfast & lunch
NOT INCLUDED Transportation
Passport & Visa Fees
Travel/Medical Insurance
Personal Equipment
Days of Excursions

Founded by Mary Hutton in 1995, Free the Bears is a non-profit organisation based in Perth, Western Australia, dedicated to protecting bears throughout the world. They currently work in six countries throughout Asia where bears are illegally captured to be butchered for their body parts, turned into medicine or bear paw soup or incarcerated in bile farms. 

The organization recently made animal welfare history as part of a coalition of international conservation and animal welfare rescue groups, in tandem with Indian Government bodies, in helping to rescue the last ‘dancing’ bears off the streets of India; bringing an end to a centuries-old tradition that has inflicted terrible cruelty on thousands of highly endangered Sloth bears.

Duration 1 week minimum
Physicality 6/10
Age 21

No experience or special skills are necessary. You will be fully trained by experienced animal keepers and supervised at all times. We just ask that you always listen to the keepers and follow their instructions carefully.

Dates All Year Around

Learn more about Free the Bears and their programs at

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