AmaZoonico is an NGO founded in 1993 by Angelika Raimann, Remigio Canelos and Christine von Steiger. Their vision was to protect the Amazon wildlife by creating a center to receive, treat, rehabilitate and reintroduce wild animals confiscated from illegal trafficking.

To carry out all plans of reintroduction it was important to create a project to protect the forest and work with the community to manage resources sustainably and rationally. This objective resulted in the creation of Selva Viva; a large area of 1700 hectares of protected forest, a trilingual school for children from the neighboring community and two eco-lodges.

 DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Puerto Barrantilla, Ecuador
INCLUDED Accommodations (shared)
All Meals
NOT INCLUDED Transportation to Departure Location
Passport & Visa Fees
Travel/Medical Insurance
Personal Equipment
Day off Excursions or Costs

The project has been widely welcomed by the surrounding community and is now viewed with great respect by locals and visitors as a program that provides exceptional care of wildlife.

As a volunteer in this program, you will be a part of the daily operations to help with animal care, educational campaigns, infrastructure maintenance, fundraising and many other supporting activities.

Duration 1 month
Qualifications No special skills or experience are required
Physicality 5/10
Age 18+
Dates Year-round


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Selva Viva, Maquisapa-Alpa TENA / Napo 16.2.2010 Ecuador.

Selva Viva, Maquisapa-Alpa TENA / Napo 16.2.2010 Ecuador.


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